Consorzio Italiano Biogas

Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) is the first voluntary aggregation in Italy that joins agricultural companies that produce biogas and syngas from renewable energy sources (mostly agricultural biomass); the industrial companies and societies that produce the systems and the technologies of biogas; Agencies and Institutions that contribute to the attainment of the objectives previewed from the association’s charter. The Italian Consortium Bio-Gas has been constituted in 2009, it has national cover and it means to be the point of reference for the supply of data and information regarding biogas and gasification. The indications supplied to the companies and the associate agencies have the purpose to improve the production process and to orient the choices on the National norms. Currently the CIB associates 130 agricultural companies and 30 companies technology manufacturers. In order to realize its objectives, the Consortium collaborates with some Institutes of Research. One of these is the Research Centre on Animal Production (CRPA).