The EIHP’s main activities include expert and scientific research, expertise and analyses in the field of energy sector for state, regional and local administration and energy companies; organization of seminars, workshops and courses; publication of editions, periodicals and other forms of communication with experts, scientists and the general public. EIHP also actively cooperates with national and international private, public, governmental and non-governmental institutions and companies providing energy related consulting services in the field of energy system development planning, renewable energy sources, environmental analyses, environmental and nature protection, energy efficiency and energy auditing. There are six departments in EIHP: Energy system planning, Energy generation and transformation, Power transmission and distribution, Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Energy management and organisation and Information technologies and communications.Activities of the Department for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency include research of the RES potential, RES energy utilisation and EE, quantification of the environmental aspects of renewable resources management and utilisation, associated economic and financial analyses, the development of a stimulating legislative environment, as well as information dissemination, organisation and implementation of differentprogrammes and pilot projects.

For more information please visit: www.eihp.hr.