Fraunhofer UMSICHT

Fraunhofer UMSICHT develops and optimizes industry-oriented environmental, process, material and energy technology. Its goal is to harmonize sustainable economy, environmentally friendly technology and innovative action in order to improve quality of life and economical strength.

Fraunhofer UMSICHT optimizes biogas plants in terms of process biology as well as process engineering. In the field of biogas upgrading and injection the institute prepares national and international market -, technology - and plant monitoring reports and provides consultancy for decision makers concerning further development of efficient biogas production, upgrading, and utilization.

In GIS-based modelling and balancing of biomass production in rural areas (potentials, emissions, logistics, sites), Fraunhofer UMSICHT offers the development of biomass energy registers for the sustainable development of energy supply concepts and sites. Furthermore the institute has an interdisciplinary approach for topics such as public permits, land use planning and public acceptance issues with respect to biogas projects.