NL Agency

NL Agency consists of five thematic divisions. The divisions are:    NL Energy and Climate Change

  •     NL EVD International
  •     NL Innovation
  •     NL Environment
  •     NL Patent Office

Focussing on sustainability, innovation, international business and cooperation, NL Agency is the number one contact point for businesses, knowledge institutions and government bodies. You can contact us for information, advice, financing, networking and regulatory matters. Whether you are entrepreneur, (knowledge) institution or government body.
1.Clear contact points, improvement and quality

NL Agency ensures that government policy is realised quickly, properly and effectively: through clear contact points, first-rate services, sound advice and support. One collective focus, with one customer support desk, coherent programmes, better coordinated financing programmes and clear, short procedures will contribute to this.
NL Agency also handles monitoring and impact assessment of policy implementation. This organisation picks up signals of the effects of policy implementation and passes these on to the policy makers.Furthermore, NL Agency acts as the eyes and ears for the various contracting ministries, providing advice on the current state of society. This should lead toto a closer correlation between policy and implementation in the future.
2. Collaboration

'Answers for Business'  (Antwoord voor bedrijven) is also part of NL Agency. This organisation provides businesses with information about Dutch government permits, laws and subsidies and thus also on theprogrammes and schemes of NL Agency.
Furthermore, NL Agency works closely with Syntens, the national innovation network for entrepreneurs.

3. Missionand core values

The mission of NL agency is: the excellent implementation of international, innovation and sustainability policy.NL Agency uses the following core values for the implementation of its mission: involvement, reliability and ambition.

NL Agency falls under the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The organisation implements programmes, regulations and laws for 11 departments and 17 clients outside the government.