With its 12 faculties, about 30,000 students and 8,500 employees, the University of Szeged is a modern integrated higher education institution. The University of Szeged offers courses from undergraduate to PhD (levels), post-secondary vocational education as well as courses at all levels of tertiary education. Almost all scientific areas are represented in research, thanks to the partnership with various companies and organizations. In 2010 the University had 130 funded projects with an almost 14 million euro budget. We participated in 31 FP6 and 21 FP7 projects so far.

At the Department of Biotechnology modern molecular biology and metagenomics approaches have been employed in the investigations of the complex microbiological series of events that leads to biogas formation. A thorough understanding of the molecular events and interactions among participating microbes enable us to intensify the process through biotechnological manipulation of the intermediate anaerobic degradation steps according to our patented procedure. The approach has been tested in field experiments and additional microbiological bottlenecks of