The biomethane market is still quite young. Some European countries have been active in that field for years and have several biomethane plants in operation. Others are in the very beginning, often due to a lack of support measures, and have not implemented any biomethane projects so far.

Co-ordinated by the research institute Fraunhofer UMSICHT, the GreenGasGrids project carried out a comprehensive data collection

providing structured information about the national legal and regulatory framework, technological aspects of biomethane production, upgrading and feed-in, ongoing policy schemes and biomethane initiatives as well as complementary market data for each partner country. See also our market platform to find country-specific biomethane information.

On that basis a best practice report on policy schemes for biomethane considering different conditions and national targets

in each country has been developed in order to provide suitable guidance for decision-makers.

Guidelines for market actors has been developed, informing on how to successfully develop and implement biomethane projects.

All project guidelines has been published on this website to encourage involved players in their biomethane activities and to support market development throughout the EU.