The GreenGasGrids project addressed both the national and the EU-level. For both levels it worked on the most pressing issues regarding biomethane market development:

The current discussions are available in form of discussion papers in the Download section.

A comprehensive data analysis combines existing results with new research. The outcomes feed into all project activities such as biomethane roadmaps, a study tour, project implementation guidelines or business-matchmaking.

Check our market platform for detailed country information on biomethane.

All work done on the EU-level will be translated to the national level and vice versa. Various events and hands-on advice make for efficient implementation in all participating Member States.

Results are published in key EU media and will be spread and exchanged via EU-level workshops with key biomethane stakeholders.

For all 4 working groups (sustainability, technical standards, trade and policy targets) discussion papers have been compiled to have a market consultation with market actors. The outcome of the discussions has created a basis for further development of the biomethane market.