The Renewable Energy Association (REA) led a working group focussing on policy targets for biomethane in country models.

This working group’s goals were:

  • To produce a Tool Kit that allows each country to estimate the amount of biogas that they can produce in the period to 2030
  • The Tool Kit will then allocate the biogas to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or biomethane
  • The Tool Kit will provide the ability to change the split between (CHP) and biomethane to take into account the renewable incentives in place
  • Each country will be able to use the tool kit/model to develop a range for biomethane potential by 2020 and 2030 This will be able to feedback into National Renewable Action Plans for each country and any other processes or consultations on a country basis.

The key issues being discussed in this working group were:

  • Methodology to derive total biomass resource and then allocate a build-up of biomass to anaerobic digestion for biogas production. Then allocate biogas to Combined Heat and Power (CHP) or biomethane
  • Categories of anaerobic digestion feedstock – how many should there be and what are they?
  • Uptake of anaerobic digestion over future years (how many plants, size)
  • Once model agreed, finding data for each member country to populate the model
  • Each country has different incentives for electricity compared to biomethane. Model can allow flexibility to change – e.g. post 2020 it may be that biomethane is favoured due to high penetration of wind generation

Latest results: