European workshop on biomethane – markets, value chains and applications

 On 11 March 2014, the European workshop on biomethane took place in Brussels. Topics has been the promotion of biogas production, upgrading to biomethane for injection into the gas grid and use in vehicles and how to overcome the impasse by bringing the key components of the biomethane chain into a joint initiative.

  1. Biogas and Biomethane in the Intelligent Energy Europe programme - Silvia Vivarelli and Emilio Font de Mora, European Commission; Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME)
  2. Latest EU policy developments in the field of bioenergy - Andreas Pilzecker, DG ENER, European Commission
  3. Biogas from waste in 5 European cities: the UrbanBiogas project - Dominik Rutz, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany
  4. The GreenGasGrids Project: Boosting the European biomethane market - Sandra Rostek, dena, Germany
  5. The Biomaster Project: biomethane for transport - Stefano Proietti, Institute of Studies for the Integration of Systems (ISIS), Italy
  6. Biomethane Markets and Policies in Europe - Sabine Strauch, Fraunhofer UMSICHT, Germany
  7. Biomethane Road Map and Certification - Attila Kovacs, EBA, Brussels
  8. Standards of Biomethane - Mattias Svensson, SGC, Sweden
  9. Sustainability of Biomethane - William Mezzullo, Renewable Energy Association, UK
  10. Biomethane production and use in Skåne - Carina Sühnel, Biogas Syd, Sweden
  11. Plans for a Biomethane Plant in Graz - Ernst Meissner, Energy Agency Graz, Austria
  12. Securing Feedstock for biomethane production in Norfolk - James Thorpe, Norfolk County Council, United Kingdom
  13. Waste collection challenges for biogas production in Zagreb - Bojan Ribić, Zagreb City Holding, Croatia
  14. Biomethane developments in Trentino - Silvia Silvestri, Fundation Edmund Mach (FEM), Italy
  15. Plans for a dry fermentation plant in Valmiera - Mārtiņš Niklass, ZAAO, Latvia
  16. Overview on Biogas Upgrading Technologies - Michael Beil, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany (presentation will be available soon)
  17. Overview of biomethane use in transport - Marco Tassan, FIAT Research Centre (CRF), Italy
  18. Injection of Biomethane in the Natural Gas Grid - John Baldwin, Renewable Energy Association, UK