EU Projects

4biomass project (finished)
fosters usage of bioenergy throughout Central Europe (CE) via turning know-how to show-how.

Development of sustainable heat markets for biogas plants in Europe

aims to develop a cost-efficient solution that uses biowaste as a feedstock for the production of 2nd generation biofuels, using macroalgae as a catalyst.

aims at coordinated further development of decentralized biogas utilization and technology and transnational competence knowledge centre.

GERONIMO II - biogas
aims to unlock the potential that biogas can offer as an effective and environmentally friendly means of managing manure.

How to efficiently use the heat from biogas plants and development of sustainable heat markets.

Bio-methane Regions
facilitation of new AD plants and bio-methane production through the provision of independent advice to potential developers, regulators and politicians

support of biogas as vehicle fuel

BiogasIN (finished)
targeting high administrative barriers both in permitting and financing phases

Urban Biogas
promotion of using organic urban waste for biogas production in 5 European cities in order to inject biomethane into the natural gas grid and to use it in transport.

creation of local and national networks for biomethane in transport

Agri for Energy II (finished)
connecting supply & demand side stakeholders and fostering new bioenergy businesses in three specific sectors: biomass heating, pure vegetable oil and biogas/biomethane.

BioEnergy Farm
encouraging farmers, foresters and land-owners to take into consideration bioenergy use and production.

BioGrace II
harmonisation of calculations of biofuel greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

RES4Less (finished)
development of a Roadmap to a cost effective deployment of RES in the period up to 2020 and 2030 by making use of cross-border cooperation mechanisms

RES legal
a professionally edited collection of important legal sources on support schemes and grid issues in the EU's 27 Member States

Concerted Action on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (CA-RES) to support the implementation of the RES Directive (2009/28/EC)

All IEE biogas or biomethane projects still running: searchstring 'biogas' or 'biomethane'.

National Initiatives

biogaspartner project (English/German)
biomethane in France (French)
green gas certification scheme Netherlands (Dutch)
green gas certification scheme UK (English)
biomethane documentation system Germany (German)
online tool for biomethane injection systems Austria (German)
Naturemade label (German, English, French, Italian)


Related CEN Technical Committees on biofuels (TC 19), gas infrastructure (TC 234) and biomethane (TC 408)
Renewable Energy Transparency Platform of the European Commission
Analysis of national Renewable Energy Action Plans from ECN
CEER Council of European Energy Regulators
Eurogas Non-profit organization of European gas companies and their associations
EREF European Renewable Energies Federation
GIE Gas Infrastructure Europe
European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas