Biomethane tracking and certification


There are two different systems for tracking and certification, one developed and used from the Salzburg AG and one from EVN Wärme GmbH.

  • Salzburg AG operates a certificate system for biomethane produced at their two upgrading plants in “Schwaighofen bei Eugendorf” and in "Steindorf" (2 injection plants), which is used as vehicle fuel. The upgraded biomethane is measured by officially verified gas measure installations. The biomethane fed into the gas grid is assigned to the CNG filling stations of Salzburg AG by a balance system and the product biomethane+natural gas and marketed through the brand Bio+ErdgasDrive. In addition to private, commercial customers with natural gas buses purchase this fuel. The system is used only for the customers of Salzburg AG.   Vehicle fuel customers can purchase biogas certificates and thus generate their own biogas-natural gas fuel mix. One biomethane certificate costs 0.5 EUR (excl. 20% VAT) and saves one kg of CO2-emissions. CNG fleet operators use the certificates to show to the UFI support scheme that certain CO2-reduction thresholds (e.g. -45%, which can be achieved only by using additionally biomethane and leads to a higher investment support) are achieved constantly (see above). Private customers can use the certificates to become CO2-neutral vehicle drivers. Even if this is the case biomethane currently is cheaper than diesel and gasoline in energy terms.
  • EVN Wärme GmbH uses a TÜV certification to proof that their heat customers which have got a housing subsidy for using 100% biomethane for space heating (see above) are delivered with the (virtual) biomethane amount they have burned. The certificates do not have a value, as those used by Salzburg AG, however.
  • Unfortunatly the systems of EVN and Salzburg AG, both are not applicable for a nation-wide registration and certification. Currently a system of guarantees of origin (GO), similar to the German Biogasregister is elaborated by Gas Industry together with the Austrian Gas and Electricity Regulator Energie Control Austria. Based on the experience of the Regulator, the provisions of the GWG and inputs of the Austrian gas industry and of biomethane producers a system for biomethane shall be elaborated within the next months.