Biomethane tracking and certification

These are no existing biogas plants in Croatia with upgrading capacity for biomethane production. Moreover no biomethane grid injection plant are foreseen to start operations in the future years as gas companies / privates active in the biomethane sector still didn't have recognised their commercial interests probably due to insufficient legislative and subsidy conditions. Investor have to bears all the investment costs for biogas upgrading plant and grid connection. 

At the moment, there is no specific regulatory framework for biomethane in Croatia. There are no feed-in tariffs for utilization of biomethane, there are only feed-in tariffs for electricity produced from biogas. According to the national strategic documents, there are intentions for utilisation of biogas/biomethane potential, and therefore it is realistic to expect that these issues will be regulated in the coming future. In Croatia, at the moment there are no relevant projects on sustainability for biogas and biomethane. The legislative framework on the sustainability criteria is yet to be drafted and adopted.