Grid connection

The Ministry of Industry is in charge of regulatory issues for biomethane. When injected, the biomethane has a priority access to the grid.
DSOs and TSOs are responsible for grid extension. Ownership of the grid connection is public. But equipment for gas quality control and regulation are owned by DSOs. Injection costs for GrDF (the main French DSO) have been calculated in order to cover costs without profits. They are divided into 2 parts

  • the connection to the grid is payed in "one shot"
  • injection : recurring costs  ; investment, operation and maintenance costs are included

Those costs are audited by the Energy Regulation Commission (clear) and are the same for any producer (non discriminant).
Feed in tariffs have been calculated by the Ministry of Industry in order to take into account those costs as well as the production and upgrading costs.
Concerning transport, there is no access to underground storage facilities of TSOs as well as to grid parts connected to an underground storage.

Cases for refusal of grid access

Biological pollution of biomethane has been studied by Anses (French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety) in 2008 before injection authorization. This study was restricted use of biomethane from certain wastes only in domestic use.
The study led to allowance of biomethane injection from specific feedstock only. The biomethane produced from municipal and industrial sludge is today totally forbidden in the French gas grid. But the authorization for these products may be given in the coming months by the national authority in charge of this point .

System usage fees (non-discrimination?)

The charges for the system use, such as connection, distribution and transport tariffs for DSO and TSO grids, are as following:

  • the connection to the gas grid is evaluated according to the technical possibilities of the network operator in conjunction with the distribution area manager.
  • natural gas and biomethane are treated completely in the same way. There are no incentives for grid operators to favour biomethane injectors in any way.

Connection cost burden sharing

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Network extension

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