Technical standards for biomethane and natural gas

In France, biomethane will be allowed to feed the natural gas grid if it meets the requirements of AFG specification B562-1 for distribution grid respectively B562-2 for transportation grid published respectively in 2010 and 2011. When injected, biomethane has priority access to the grid with non-discriminatory conditions. Actually, injected gas into the grid must follow the technical spec of grid operators.
Biogas from sources such as sewage sludge and industrial waste is today prevented from being fed-in to the French gas grid. But this situation might change in following months.

Distribution companies are obliged to establish Access Grid Conditions which need to be approved by the Energy Regulation Commission.
There are no technical standards expected for biomethane in France on short term. Injection is at an experimenting step at the moment.

Requirements for gas quality
The quality requirements for biogas, if it is injected to natural gas grids, are specified in the General Distribution System Conditions.
The calorific value changes from 10,7 to 12,8 kWh/m3(n) for a "H" gas H (high calorific value) and  from 9,5 to 10,5 kWh/m3(n) for a "B" gas (low calorific value).

Grid access restrictions
Biomethane produced from municipal and industrial sludge is today totally forbidden in the French gas grid. But the authorization for these products may be given in the coming months by the national authority in charge of this point (Anses: the French agency for food, environmental and occupational health safety).

Biomethane must follow the specifications of natural gas before to be injected into the grid.