Grid connection

Time frame
The Ordinance on Gas Network Access (Gasnetzzugangsverordnung / GasNZV) recommends designing and presenting of “realization roadmap” which are to be agreed upon by the grid operator and biomethane supplier, and is presented to the federal Network Agency together with the grid access contract. This roadmap enlists all the procedural steps for implementing the grid connection. This particular feature is included in the GasNZV to avoid delay in grid connection as non adherence to timelines within the roadmap will lead to a penalty on network operator loosing out on the claim of cost born by the applicant.

In order to make up a grid contract the biomethane producer has to ensure gas quality specifications by adhering to DVGW G260 and G262 worksheet.

The network operator is responsible for specifications regarding odorization (DVGW G 280-1 and G280-2) as well as operation and maintenance of the grid. The operator has also to adhere to DVGW G 685 for ensuring correct billing procedure at network exit.

Cases for refusal of grid access
GasNZV. Refusal is possible if the grid connection is technically unfeasible or economically unacceptable.

System usage fees (non-discrimination?)
There exists an avoided system usage fee for biomethane producer. It includes a  provision of bonus for avoided network tariffs of 0.7 €cent / kWh biomethane to reward not using the transmission pipeline system (in contrast to natural gas imports).

Connection cost burden sharing
The distribution of grid access cost is split between the network operator and biomethane producer . The cost is depedant on distance between biogas updraging plant and grid connection point:

  1. if the length of connection is less than 1 km, the cost born by supplier has a  250,000€ cap, 
  2. for length of connections between 1-10 km, the supplier bears  25 % of the cost with 75 % cost burden over network operator,
  3. For more than 10 km length of grid connection the supplier bears 100% of the grid connection costs.

Network extension
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