Service suppliers (no claim to be exhaustive)


Biomethane suppliers and traders Here is a list of biomethane suppliers and traders.

Biomethane tracking / certificating / auditing institutions

Planning and engineering companies      
With the planning and engineering one of these business may help you. See suppliers for upgrading technology


Project developers and consultants
If you need help in developing a project, ask one of the following institutions.

Processing and administration centre(s) for authorisation

  • Federal and local building codes
  • Local municipalities, regional planning associations, federal states

Processing and administration centre(s) for subsidies

  • Ordinances and acts (e.g. EEG)
  • Bundesministerium für Umwelt, Naturschutz und Reaktorsicherheit (BMU),
  • Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi),
  • Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV),
  • Clearingstelle EEG,
  • Feedstock suppliers (please specify kind of substrate, or logistic services)

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