Biomethane tracking and certification

Biogasregister (dena): The Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency – and 14 leading companies in the energy and biogas industry have developed a web-based register verifying the origin and quality of biogas fed into the natural gas grid. The use of biogas is promoted by German law in many applications, for example for power generation (EEG) or heating (EEWärmeG). However, this legislation provides little indication as to how the necessary verification system is to operate. The Biogas Register is intended to simplify and standardise verification of the guarantees of origin and quality.

How it works:

1. Feeding of biogas into natural gas grid by producer.

2. Biogas Register keeps accounts of quality and quantity of biogas.

3. Certification of quality and quantity by thirdparty auditor.

4.Producers and traders can split and trade quantities of biogas in accordance with trading Procedures.

5. Consumer receives individual guarantee of origin and quality for quantities withdrawn. This guarantee can be passed on, e.g. to power grid operators for receipt of feed-in tariff.

NABISY – sustainable biomass system (BLE): Due to the need of proofs of sustainability or partial proofs of sustainability NABISY provides following the opportunities of an application for division, combination and transportation. NABISY ensures that only the respective quantity stated in the proof of sustainability or partial proof of sustainability may subsequently be divided, combined or transcribe.