Support schemes

Direct subsidies

No direct subsidy for biomethane grid injection

Tariffs for biomethane gas grid injection
No feed-in tariff for biomethane grid injection

Green electricity tariffs biomethane taken from gas grid
The feed-in tariff for electricity produced from biomethane taken from the grid is the same as for elecricity produced from biogas. The existing scheme provides for a FIT average of 105 EUR/MWh. Currently the existing scheme is under complete revision and the Ministry of National Development recently published a working paper on the planned new incentive scheme for green energy (METÁR) which will likely follow German, Austrian, Dutch and Czech examples. The scheme remains as a system with guaranteed feed-in tariffs as opposed to a green certificate system. The standard term of the guaranteed takeover at regulated feed-in tariffs will be 15 years under the new METÁR system. 

Investment subsidies for upstream investments
Investment subsidies are available in the range of 10-50% of the investment costs (depending on size, feasibility, location, category of investor). The subsidies are granted under separate evaluation and decision for each project. The period of validity of FIT is shortened in case investment subsidy has been granted.  

Investment subsidies for downstream investments

Available only for municipalities

Indirect subsidies


Tax exemptions or reliefs

Reduced grid related costs