Natural gas market and infrastructure

The infrastructure for natural gas is well established and the grid is wide spread. The national transportation grid operates at pressure levels between 40 for regional transportation grid and 67 bar at the main gas transportation network. It is owned by the private owned company Gasunie and operated by Gas Transport Services. At the level of distribution grid operating at pressure level lower than 8 bar there are nine DSOs active. There are two major gas qualities in the Netherland's grid. Besides the most common gas with low caloric value there is also a high caloric gas in the transportation system.

  • Total energy consumption: 3280 PJ, 46% natural gas i.e. 1510 PJ
  • Natural gas use: 52 billion m3 (2010)
  • Heat: 70% 1060 PJ 
  • Electricity: 23% 350 PJ 
  • Chemicals: 7% 100 PJ
  • Total gas use: 52 billion m3
  • Production: 84 billion m3
  • Import: 24 billion m3 (Russia, Norway, UK and Denmark)
  • Export: 56 billion m3 (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy and UK)
Source:Gas Transport Services

Relevance regarding the energy supply system
Natural gas plays a major role in the Netherlands. About 46 % of the national energy demand is covered by the utilisation of natural gas. Among all EU countries the Netherlands have the largest natural gas resources. The country is an exporting country with customers such as Germany, Belgium, France and Italy. The exported gas amounts are about the same as the inland consumption. These inland resources cover a part of the country‚Äôs gas demand, but the Netherlands also import from Denmark, Norway, UK, Russia. Furthermore there are LNG imports from Qatar. 


Gas grid infrastructure data
The National Gas grid (operation pressure 40 or 67 bar) is private owned by of Gasunie. TSO is Gas Transport Services. 9 DSOs are active in the Netherlands (pressure level 8 bar and lower). The main transport network is 67 bar, regional transport network 40 bar. Total pipeline National gasgrid: 12.050 km (>= 40 bar), regional pipeline: 24.371 km (40 bar) and low pressure: 98.808 km (<= 8 bar). 

There is a high caloric gasgrid and a low caloric gasgrid. Most common is low caloric gasgrid. Click here for the national grid and here  for the regional grids


CNG infrastructure data
Natural gas is mainly used for heat and electricity generation. In transportation sector natural gas is less important. With only 4,300 natural gas vehicles on the streets, 85 public and 65 private filling stations it can be stated that the fuel market is less developed at the moment and doesn't offer much potential for biomethane in the fuel sector on a short term view.

Private initiatives are exploited for example by CNG-net or Orange gas.