Status quo biogas plants and biomethane plants

With about 120 biogas plants and 21 biomethane plants in operation the Netherlands are one of the forerunner countries in the market of biogas and biomethane. There has been experience gained with biogas upgrading from different sources such as landfill gas (4 projects), sewage gas (4 projects), gas derived from biowaste and industrial waste (10 projects) and 3 from agricultural biomass. All these biomethane plants are connected to the natural gas grid and inject the produced biomethane.

Netherland companies contributed substantially to improving upgrading technologies and are important market actors and technology suppliers in the biomethane market.

Type Number of plants Feedstock (biowaste/ agriculture/ sewage/ landfill) Capacity [kWh HHV]
Existing biogas plants App. 120 plants All kind of plants
Existing biogas upgrading plants 16 plants (all are upgrading and injecting) 4 landfill projects 7000 Nm3/hr in total for 16 projects
4 sewage sludge projects
6 biowaste projects
4 industrial waste projects
3 co-digestion plants
Existing Upgrading plants injecting to the natural gas grid 21 plants (all are upgrading and injecting)

Existing biogas plants
An overiew of all the biomass projects including all the biogas projects in the Netherlands is given on An English version is not available. 


Existing biomethane plants

Municipality Company Feedstock Installed E-power [MW] Installed capacity GG [Nm3/hr] Year
Tilburg Attero Landfill 0 300 1987
Wijster Attero Landfill 0 500 1989
Nuenen Carbiogas BV Landfill 0 750 1990
Collendoorn Stortplaats Slagenweg Landfill 0 25 1990
Beverwijk BioGast Sustainable Energy BV Sewage sludge 0 350 2006/2011
Mijdrecht BioGast Sustainable Energy BV Sewage sludge 0 40 2009
Groningen Attero Organic waste from households 0 700 2010
Zwolle Natuurgas Overijssel Biodegradable organic waste 0 420 2010
Witteveen Bouwhuis Biovergisting BV Agricultural waste 1,59 200 2010
Bunschoten-Spakenburg A. v/d Groep en Zonen BV Industrial organic waste 0,63 1660 2010
Well Ecofuels BV Industrial organic waste 2,40 300 2011
Dinteloord Suikerunie Industrial organic waste 0 2250 2011
Rijsenhout De Meerlanden BV Biodegradable organic waste 0 500 2011
Tirns Mts. Schaap Manure + agricultural waste 0,67 206 2012
Middenmeer HVC vergisting Biodegradable organic waste 0 865 2012
Wijster Attero Organic waste from households 0 1057 2012
Spaarnewoude Groen Gas Schoteroog landfill and sewage sludge 100 2012
Biddinghuizen Mts. Hotsma co-digestion 200 2012
Weurt ARN B.V. municipal waste 350 2012
Vierverlaten Suikerunie organic industrial waste 1100 2012
Amsterdam-West Waternet sewage sludge 80 2012

Applied upgrading technologies
Membrane, coal adsorption, water scrubber, gas scrubber, PSA