Grid connection

In general the grid access is regulated in Energy Act and The Regulation of the Minister of Economy of  August 24, 2011 on detailed of obligation concerning data confirmation about produced agricultural biogas introduced into the gas distribution network (Dz.U.2011, no. 187,item 1117)

In practice:

  • Technical conditions for injection of biomethane in Poland are specified  in Technical conditions of the company GAZ System–as transmission network operator, which stipulate technical terms and conditions governing access and connection to the transmision network. 
  • Technical conditions for grid connection for customer are specified by DSO – regional company of PGNiG 

Cases for refusal of grid access

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System usage fees (non-discrimination?)

The charges for the system use, such as connection, distribution and transport tariffs are evaluated according to the technical possibilities of the network operator in conjunction with the distribution area manager. Natural gas and biomethane are treated completely in the same way. Natural gas and biomethane are treated completely in the same way. There are no incentives for grid operators to favour biomethane injectors in any way.  

Connection cost burden sharing

So far in Poland there is no cost burden sharing of capital or operational costs related to biomethane production and/or injection. The costs should be borne completely by the biomethane upgrading and injection installations owners. There is no burden sharing with socialisation of costs by grid usage tariffs. 

Network extension

Polish Energy Policy until 2030 assumes the extension of transmission and distribution gas network.