Political targets for biogas and biomethane production

The electricity production has a large carbon foot print since Poland's primary energy consumption is based on hard and brown coal. Biomass contributes with 6.4% to primary energy consumption, a share mostly derived from solid biomass often co-fired in coal power plants. Therefore, with the NREAP 2010 the country set ambitious targets and aims at almost doubling its share in renewable energy production up to 15% in 2020 and several measures have been determined.




Regarding the demand for gross final energy in electricity biogas is planned to increase to 344 ktoe (4 TWh) in 2020 and to 592 ktoe (6.9 TWh) in 2030. In terms of heat, the Polish Energy Policy aims at 503 ktoe (5.8 TWh) in 2020 respectively 800 ktoe (9.3 TWh) in 2030. Starting from approximately 74 MW generation capacity of gross electricity on biogas CHP 2010, this figure is planned to raise up to 802 MW in 2020 and 1,379 MW in 2030 which means a share of biogas CHP of 2.7 % of in 2030.