Support schemes

Support system for RES currently applied in Poland has been based on the quota system and so-called certificates of origin (Energy Law, Article 9e), certificates of origin from cogeneration (Energy Law, Article 9l), and certificates of  origin from biogas (Energy Law, Article 9o) and ensuing property rights.

Direct subsidies

Pursuant to Energy Law amendment as of 8 January 2010, certificates of origin from biogas were introduced, referred to as the brown certificates – they testify to the fact of production and, at the same time, introduction to the gas distribution network  of agricultural biogas. In other words, a biogas certificate of origin can be obtained only for agricultural biogas production and introduction to the gas network, and in the case  when electricity is generated from such biogas, an  entrepreneur can obtain a green certificate, not a brown one. 

Green electricity tariffs biomethane taken from gas grid

not applicable

Investment subsidies for upstream investments

Major financial resources for supporting investments in renewable energy are guaranteed within EU funds, in particular within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E) implemented with the participation of the Minister of Economy, regional operational programmes (ROP) managed by local governments of voivodships as well as within activities and financial support of National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NEPWM) and Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. 

There are also national investment subsidies:

The Green Investment Scheme (GIS) Programme Part 2 Agricultural Biogasworks by NEPWM aims at expanding the existing biogas electricity generating plants up to an electrical power of 40 MW. 

Investment subsidies for downstream investments

not existing

Indirect subsidies

Tax exemptions or reliefs

  • exemption from stamp duty for issuing certificates of origin and from stamp duty for issuing the licence for renewable energy sources with the installed power not exceeding 5 MW;
  • exemption from the obligation to obtain a licence  for installations generating electricity from agricultural biogas with the installed power not exceeding 50 MW and for heat installations with the total installed heat power not exceeding 5 MW; 
  • the possibility to obtain, in addition to certificates of origin for RES energy, so-called certificates of origin from cogeneration, which also have a financial value;  
  • the obligation to purchase energy produced from RES imposed ex officio on sellers of electricity, who issued conditions of connections to the grid for a given source; 
  • the obligation of energy grid operators to ensure priority to all entities in the provision of services involving transmission or distribution of electricity produced from renewable energy sources; 
  • reduction of the fee for connection to the electricity grid, determined based  on actual outlays incurred for installing the connection for renewable energy sources with total installed power not exceeding 5 MW and cogeneration units with power not exceeding 1 MW; )

Reduced grid related costs

No reduced grid system usage tariff was introduced for transport of biomethane.