Natural gas market and infrastructure

The total length of distributon network´s pipelines on all pressure levels operated by SPP – distribúcia is now more than 32.000 km. Maximal operation pressure of distribution network operated by SPP – distribúcia is 6,3 MPa. This is gauge pressure which is equal a difference between gas absolute pressure and atmospheric pressure. In 2011 the company distributed more than 5 billion m3 of natural gas to its customers which accounts for approximately 98% of the volumes distributed in the territory of the Slovak Republic. Presently, 77% of the total number of municipalities in Slovakia is connected to the gas distribution network, covering 94% of Slovakia’s population. In the Slovak Republic are two natural gas storage operators concretely NAFTA and POZAGAS. Slovakia has inland resources which covered approximately 2% of its gas demand and remaining amounts 98% of natural gas are imported from the Russian Federation.

Legend (colours of draw): Black - transmission network operated by eustream, a.s. Yellow - high pressure pipeline distribution network - operated by SPP-distribucia, a.s. Figure 1: Natural gas grids in Slovakia (source

Relevance regarding the energy supply system

The Slovak Republic is substantially dependent on import of primary power sources representing as much as 90 per cent of inland consumption. The most important import items of the primary power sources represent the crude oil, natural gas, black coal and nuclear fuel from the Russian Federation. The important role in Slovakia´s energy mix has nuclear power. The production of nuclear power plants covered more than 53% of the production of electricity in the Slovak Republic in 2010. Thermal power plants produced more than 26% and Water power plants produced more than 20% of the production of electricity in the Slovak Republic in 2010.

Gas grid infrastructure data

SPP - distribúcia, a.s.  as distribution system operator DSO and eustream, a. s. as transmission system operator TSO started their activities on 1st July 2006 by the legal unbundling of all activities relating to the distribution of natural gas and distribution assets (SPP - distribúcia) and transmission of natural gas (eustream) as a 100% subsidiaries of Slovenský plynárenský priemysel, a.s. Owners of Slovenský plynárenský priemysel are state: 51% and private (E.ON Ruhrgas a Gaz de France) 49 %. The regulator responsible for natural gas, electricity and water supply is Úrad pre reguláciu sieťových odvetví (ÚRSO).

CNG infrastructure data

In Slovakia are approximately 900 CNG vehicles, where 350 are buses, 100 commercial vans and rest are private cars. Annual consumptions of CNG gas is 11,5 mil. m3 (2010). In Slovakia are in operation 11 CNG filling stations.