Support schemes

Investment support schemes

Structural funds -  Operational programme  Competitiveness and Economic Growth 2007 – 2013

Priority axe 2 – Energy sector

Measure 2.1 – Increasing energy efficiency in supply and demand side and introducing advanced technologies in energy sector

Eligible projects (selection): utilization of renewable energy sources, i. e. construction of:

  • facilities for biomethane production;

  • facilities for energy utilization of biogas, biomethane, sewage gas or landfill gas;                                                                   

    Programme of Rural Development SR 2007 – 2013 – Measure 3.1 Construction, reconstruction and modernization of production facilities for renewable energy sources 

(biogas plants only).

Electricity production from biogas

3 forms of support:

  1. Priority connection of an electricity generating facility to the regional distribution system
  2. Priority access to the system
    Priority transmission of electricity, distribution of electricity and supply of electricity 
  3. Electricity price (feed-in tariff)
  4. Taking over the responsibility for deviation by the regional distribution system operator facility into operation)

Support for production of biomethane     

Priority distribution of biomethane,

  • Support for construction of gas connection line to a natural gas distribution network
  • Support through the electricity generation by high efficient CHP,
  • Support through the electricity generation by cogeneration.
  • DSO is obliged to provide priority connection of biomethane producer to the regional distribution system (written application)

Direct subsidies


In the case that for the construction of electricity generating facility has been granted support from the support programmes financed from the state budget or structural funds, the price of electricity is reduced as follows        Reduction does not apply if the support provided from support programmes financed from the state budget was used to implement measures to ensure compliance with the emission limits of devices (15a) § 4 (2) of Act No. 137/2010 Coll. on air)

Green electricity tariffs biomethane taken from gas grid

In the case of electricity producer that generates electricity using high efficient cogeneration, the electricity producer has a right to claim an additional payment for electricity produced from biomethane,

Amount of the additional payment is calculated from the price of electricity increased by 15 % to the electricity price according to § 6 (1) point a) for the biogas producer in plants with a total capacity of up to 1 MW,

- year 2012: (1,15 x 136,33 – 60,11) =  96,6695 EUR/MWh

Producer of electricity from cogeneration, regardless of the year when the facility was commissioned in operation, with total installed capacity up to 125 MW, can buy from the biomethane producer a biomethane to produce electricity from biomethane. Based on guarantee of origin of electricity generated from renewable energy sources (issued by Regulatory Office for Network Industries, RONI), he can apply for additional payment amounting to the equivalent of electricity generated from biogas. Additional payment applies to the amount of electricity that was produced from biomethane using cogeneration, determined according to § 19 (1) point. a) (Decree of MoE No. 599/2009 Coll.), if the biogas plant is not older than 15 years, Limitation of the quantity of the electricity generated according to § 3 (4) does not apply to the amount of electricity generated from biomethane (correction factor  „10 / installed capacity in MW is not applied),

Investment subsidies for upstream investments

No entry

Investment subsidies for downstream investments

No entry

Indirect subsidies

Tax exemptions or reliefs

There is a tax exemption for biogenic substance (includes also biogas) intended to use or it will be used as a fuel.

There is a tax exemption for electricity if it is produced from RES, in case it is delivered directly to the final consumer, or it is consumed by legal entity or natural person, who produced this electricity.

Reduced grid related costs

There are not reduced grid related costs in Slovakia