Natural gas market and infrastructure

Practically all the NG used in Spain is imported (99%). 75% of that gas is imported via LNG, and the rest via pipeline. The next figure provides more data on this:

Relevance regarding the energy supply system

Gas is responsible for 16,8% of final energy consumption in Spain, while oil makes for 54,6%, 21,5% for electricity, 1,7% for coal and 8,4% for renewables.

Gas grid infrastructure data

The national gas grid is private, and the two main owners are Enagas and Naturgas. Enagas is the manager of the NG technical system, and common carrier for the high pressure gas network in Spain. Its facilities include close to 10,000 km. of high-pressure gas pipeline over all the Spanish territory.

CNG infrastructure data

The NGV market in Spain has developed, as in other European countries like France, from the use of Heavy Duty vehicle fleets mainly. With around 600 Light Duty Vehicles over a total park of 3200 NGVs, the annual energy consumption for this market is still low.

Due to the above, the NG refuelling infrastructure is still poor, at least for enabling the public access to this technology, but the situation is taking a great momentum and is expected to change in the medium and short term (2012 onwards). Out of a total of 57 NG refuelling stations, 43 are private and the rest are public. At June 2012, a total pf 6 L-CNG filling stations are operative and 5 more are under construction.