Political targets for biogas and biomethane production

Under point 2.4.8 of the National Renewable Action Plan (Biogas integration into the natural gas network), the potential and further actions to permit biomethane injection is addressed. As the text says:

A working group of the sector's main stakeholders (ENAGAS, CNE) has been formed to develop this Plan and study the different distribution options for biogas (injection into the transmission network, injection into the distribution network, isolated consumption, road transport, etc.). The initial conclusion is that, in light of the volume of gas that will potentially be produced in Spain, both at joint and individual project level, the most appropriate option appears to be injection into existing natural gas infrastructures or new ones, which could be achieved through thermal use of biomethane.Therefore, to date no consideration has been given to the effect that the possible injection of biogas would have on the planning of gas infrastructures in Spain. 

The important existing natural gas transmission infrastructures in Spain and those at the planning stage need to be supported by distribution networks or the building of small local networks, including the possibility of small local biogas distribution networks. However, it would seem that the first priority should be to increase biogas generation to significant levels so as to justify the additional effort entailed in building such infrastructures. At the initial stage, this biogas production would focus on electricity generation for incorporation into the grid with the support of an appropriate incentive system. Once the sector has acquired a certain volume, given the potential strategic interest in its thermal use through the gas infrastructure, the aim would be to devise a support framework suited to further developing this application.

The NREAP can be found at the following website