Support schemes

National law allowing the injection recently created. A favourable subsidized regime is not yet in place, making the market players far more in favour of using the biogas for electricity production than for biomethane injection

Direct subsidies

Regarding the production of electricity from renewable sources, the Royal Decree 661/2007 of 25 May 2007 is regulating activities related to electrical energy production under special regimes, and provides for the drafting of a Renewable Energy Plan for implementation during the period 2011-2020 (REP 2011-2020). Up to date (March 2012) this would only be applicable to biogas directly used for electricity generation, not coming out of the grid.

Biogas applicable tarifs when used for electricity production

Green electricity tariffs biomethane taken from gas grid

None is doing this at the moment, as no special subsidies are in place

Investment subsidies for upstream investments

No info

Investment subsidies for downstream investments

No info

Indirect subsidies


Natural Gas and Biomethane have a very low excise duty when used as vehicle fuels compared to gasoline or diesel. The value is about 0,414 €cents/Kwh, arounf 6,5 times lower than for diesel.

There's a supporting scheme for the NG refuelling infrastructure build-up:

  • Up to 30% of investment with a maximum of 60.000 € for the construction of public refuelling stations
  • Up to 30% of of investment with a maximum of 30.000 € for the construction of private refuelling stations

Acquisition of NGVs with CO2 emissions lower than 140 gCO2/Km: public support of up to 15% of market price with a maximum of € 1200.


Acquisition of Natural Gas vehicles, with no limit of CO2 emissions: public support of up to 15% of market prize with a maximum of 12.000€.

Tax exemptions or reliefs

See above for reduced excise duty when using it as a fuel

Reduced grid related costs

Nothing in place for biomethane yet.