Biomethane potential

A still valid study from 2008 showed a technical biomethane potential of 15TWh from anaerobic digestion of waste and other residual products. With the addition of thermal gasification and methanation of forestry residues the total potential is 74TWh. Please note that Energy crops are not included in this potential, but may of course be significant, since there exists plenty of fallow or underused agricultural land in Sweden. However, economic constraints have so far restricted their use. When considering economic potential, a recent study on the biomethane potential (inclusive of energy crops) show that when keeping current policies and implementing currently discussed ones, an economic potential of 9-12TWh until 2030 should be possible. With improved policies, the potential increases to 11-22TWh. With worsened policies and bad economy, eg by introducing energy taxation on biomethane from 2014 and the price of fossil fuels increasing at a slow pace, the prospects worsen considerably, down to a potential not much higher than the current one (1.2-2.5TWh).