Status quo biogas plants and biomethane plants

The Swedish framework conditions clearly favours upgrading of biogas to biomethane of natural gas quality, since the major utilisation route is automotive fuel, rather than electricity. A good source of information is the yearly report on biogas issued by the Swedish Energy Agency: "Produktion och användning av biogas 20XX" www.biogasportalen.se/BiogasISverigeOchVarlden/BiogasISiffror

Existing biogas plants

Figures of 2011: There are a total of 233 biogas plants (135 WWTP, 55 landfills 19 co-digestion plants, 5 industrial plants, and 19 farm-based plants).

Existing biomethane plants

The data for Swedish biomethane plants are shown in the table. Please note that the flow capacity is reported as raw gas, not biomethane. For a current version of the table of Swedish biomethane plants, see IEA Task 37 Biogas homepage: www.iea-biogas.net/plant-list.html

Gas grid connected biomethane plants

There are 8 sites connected to the Swedish natural gas grid. In 2011 they injected a total of 190GWh biomethane to the grid. Please refer to the table for their stats.

Non gas grid connected biomethane plants

In 2011, there were 48 plants upgrading biogas to biomethane of natural gas quality. The current count according to the IEA list is 56, but do include five or so sites with two upgrading plants.

Applied upgrading technologies

Out of the total 48 in 2011: 34 water adsorption scrubbers, 7 PSA's and 7 Chemical absorption scrubbers